Rotational Moulding For Plastic Product Manufacturing

Established since 1896, Excelsior offer plastic rotational moulding expertise with extensive design knowledge for the development and manufacture of roto moulded plastic products including safety steps, bottle skips and trucks.

Contract roto moulding for custom plastic product manufacturing in the UK

Excelsior have worked on a number of specialist contract rotomoulding projects for the design, development and manufacture of plastic products. We offer an extremely high level of service as well as very competitive pricing. Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you with your own plastic roto moulding requirements.

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Linemark is a successful sports and amenity paint manufacturer, supplying line marking paints, machines and accessories in the UK and throughout the world.

Its innovative products are used at some of the world’s major stadiums including Old Trafford and Ellis Park in South Africa and at many sporting events including the London Olympics 2012 and all 41 venues at the Rugby World Cup 2015.

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What Makes Food Grade Plastic Different?

In day-to-day life, most of us aren’t that discerning about the different types of plastic in our lives, much the same as we’re not that discerning about the different types of metal or wood. But, just like these other materials, there’s a whole lot of variation between the different types of plastic, which means the […]

What Is The Plastics Industry Doing About Waste?

Plastic is a diverse, versatile and famously durable material – all of which makes it fantastically useful for manufacturing, but it’s this same durability which can cause it to be a problem for the environment if disposed of improperly. Like many in the plastics industry, here at Excelsior we’re often asked what we’re doing about […]

A Brief History Of The Rotomoulding Process

Did you know: it was likely the Ancient Egyptians that invented roto-moulding? We did! We’re casting our eyes back to the past again in this week’s blog, one of the latest looking at the history of the tools, materials and processes used by Excelsior. This time around, we’re taking a detailed look at how the […]