About Us

Our story started over 100 years ago…


boxesaboutusCotton and cases
Our incredible story starts in 1896 when the Excelsior Fibre Company began making spinning cans for the North West’s cotton mills. Working with vulcanised fibre, we sold products to cotton mills throughout the UK and even supplied travel cases for Her Majesty’s tour of the Commonwealth.

Fantastic plastic
1976 was a defining year in our history as we took a leap of faith and got involved with a new and up-and-coming product called plastic! To enable us to compete we bought a small business with some basic moulding equipment and it wasn’t long before we began to realise the potential of this durable, adaptable material.

Plastic Trucks and trolleys
Soon we were making plastic trucks and trolleys and began supplying some of the largest industrial mail order catalogues in Europe. In doing so, we ventured into many new markets and began contract moulding in the 1980s. We moved premises to cater for our rapid growth and were soon employing more than 60 people and roto moulding thousands of plastic products.

The future of roto moulding
Today we’re still based in Bury, Lancashire, and we still believe in the family and community values on which our success was built. Our customer and product base continues to expand year by year and our team blends experience, knowledge, youth and innovation so that we can evolve to meet the needs of our customers. We’re continually amazed but never daunted by the range of plastic products we’re asked to help create.