Our services

We offer a comprehensive range of plastic roto moulding services


CAD plastic product design

If you need assistance with the design of your plastic product, we’re here to help. We have vast experience of roto moulding product design and like to work alongside our customers to produce a design they’re delighted with and that more than meets their original design criteria. Over the years we’ve had to overcome numerous product design issues and in our experience there is nearly always a solution.

Products vary a great deal in their complexity and the time involved in their design. While we are happy to invest our resources in the design of a plastic product, some more complex or time-consuming projects may require a separate design fee. We pride ourselves on being open and honest so if this is a possibility, we’ll discuss it at quote stage.

Tooling advice and manufacture

Unlike many other UK roto moulding companies in the UK, we have our own sheet steel tooling company within the group which is also located in Bury. This fantastic facility enables our customers to see at first hand the process of bringing their ideas to fruition, through each stage of the manufacturing process.

While sheet steel is suited to certain products, depending on the complexity of your product it may be necessary to consider cast aluminium or CNC tooling in order to achieve a higher level of detail and surface finish. If that’s the case, we work closely with a number of market-leading tooling companies both in the UK and Europe who manufacture tooling of an extremely high standard at an affordable price and who are used to working within strict deadlines. We oversee projects from start to finish and are more than happy to visit toolmakers in Europe with our customers to ensure that every stage of the project runs smoothly.


Production of plastic products

We operate a mixture of machines ranging from multi arm computer programmed carousel and clam shell machines to our tried and trusted open flame rock and roll machines – product complexity normally dictates which type of machine we use. Over the years we’ve built up an excellent reputation for service and quality; we don’t make false promises but we do offer outstanding customer service backed up by products of the highest quality. We work closely with customers and encourage them to meet our staff and view our premises and processes whenever they want.

We also offer other additional services including the foam filling of plastic products – particularly important for products including buoyancy units. We can create a number of different product finishes and offer a mould-in graphic facility for customers who wish to have their own branding prominently displayed on their products. If graphics are not required, for a nominal fee we manufacture bespoke nameplates which can then be moulded into your product and typically include your logo, web address and a contact number.

Whatever your requirements, please contact Giles Fielding on 0161 765 2013 who will be happy to help you.