• horse jump

    Introducing Stackaletti, the new product by Classic Showjumps!

    Classic Showjumps, the hugely successful equestrian arm of Excelsior Roto Moulding, has recently launched a brand new product to the […]

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  • plastic-products

    Why is wall thickness important in plastic manufacturing?

    Consistent wall thickness is one of the key advantages of roto moulding, alongside other useful qualities like its versatility, low […]

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  • plastic-manufacturing

    4 reasons why we use Computer Aided Design for plastic manufacturing

    Whatever your level of personal technical expertise, you’ve probably seen the term CAD used before. It stands for Computer Aided […]

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  • man roto moulding

    What’s the difference between rotocasting and rotational moulding?

    Within the manufacturing industry there are many different moulding processes used every day to make a variety of products and […]

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  • Why use rotational moulding to make your water tanks?

    Rotational moulding is ideal for making hollow articles such as water tanks. This is because the process provides a number […]

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  • plastic moulding

    A brief explanation of key stress factors for your plastic product

    When you’re planning on investing the time, energy and money to create a bespoke plastic product, it’s fair to assume […]

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  • Snow-in-garden (1)

    Here’s what the law says about clearing snow from your premises

    Snow has a bit of a mixed reputation with all of us here in the UK. To some, especially younger […]

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  • grit-bin-Excel

    How to get the most out of your grit bins this winter

    At this time of year, the chilly weather can end up creating some pretty dangerous wet or icy conditions which […]

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  • DCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0136.JPG

    Aqua Power Technologies tests the water with Excelsior

    Excelsior was chosen by Cumbria-based Aqua Power Technologies to manufacture the plastic hull for its AquaNode Wave Data Buoy. The […]

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  • large green plastic equipment

    Benefits of rotomoulded products for agriculture

    We serve a broad array of different sectors here at Excelsior, ranging from aerospace to industrial. Agriculture features fairly prominently […]

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  • Leisure

    How to design plastic products for sports and adventure

    Excelsior is now over 100 years old, which means we’ve got a long history behind us of designing and supplying […]

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  • Food-bin-stroage

    Key storage considerations for your plastic food bins

    If you need the ideal material to store your food, plastic is always an excellent choice. Robust, secure and chemically […]

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  • Plastic Moulding

    The main types of plastic manufacturer – a quick rundown

    When you’re looking to create your own bespoke plastic product, it’s important to find the right plastic manufacturer who can […]

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  • polyethylene granules raw plastic material

    A quick guide to food grade plastic

    The rule is quite simple: if a plastic product comes into contact with food, or anything else intended for consumption, […]

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  • plastic coating coloured powder

    7 helpful questions to ask your plastics manufacturer

    Choosing the right plastic manufacturer to create your plastic product isn’t necessarily an easy decision. What’s more, for the uninitiated […]

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