7 helpful questions to ask your plastics manufacturer

November 22, 2019

plastic coating coloured powder

Choosing the right plastic manufacturer to create your plastic product isn’t necessarily an easy decision. What’s more, for the uninitiated it can be tricky to tell which plastic manufacturers are best suited to create your product. Thankfully, there are some helpful ways that you can help make things easier and more efficient both for you and your plastic manufacturer – for example, this week we’ve collated a useful list of questions that can help get things off to a flying start.

What sort of plastic manufacturing process do you specialise in?

You’ll probably find that most plastic manufacturers will specialise in a particular type of plastic manufacturing. There are a range of different plastic manufacturing processes to choose from, but rotomoulding, injection moulding and blow moulding are some of the most prominent. They all use different equipment and techniques to create plastic products – injection moulding involves injecting molten plastic into a hollow mould to create small but solid objects, whereas roto moulding is great for creating larger, hollow products – as well as those with a range of other attributes.

Which plastic process is best suited to my product?

The differences between the various plastic manufacturing processes means that each one is better suited to creating different types of products, with their own different capabilities. Don’t worry about your chosen manufacturer upselling their process even if it’s unsuitable for your product. They’ll generally be honest and up-front about its suitability – after all, they want to avoid frustration, wasted time and unnecessary expense just as much as you do!

Are there any industries you specialise in?

If you can, it’s a good idea to choose plastic manufacturers who have noted experience in your industry, as it allows them to better understand the demands of your sector. Personally, here at Excelsior we’ve got a broad range of experience across a number of different sectors, including industrial, agriculture and marine and aquatic – just to name a few!

What are your estimated lead times?

Again, plastic manufacturing companies can be relied upon to give honest answers to this question, in order to avoid overpromising. It’s certainly worth familiarising yourself with the types of lead times you can expect on your plastic products. This way, you can better plan out an approximate timescale for when you can expect your products, allowing both you and your manufacturer to manage expectations.

Roto Moulding

What additional services can you offer?

Some companies will offer additional services alongside their main plastic manufacturing processes, in order to provide a comprehensive service for their customers. It’s worth checking these out ahead of time – it’s often more simpler and more cost-effective to use a single company for all aspects of the manufacturing process, rather than dividing the task between several (possibly competing) companies. You can find out more about our additional services here.

What do you need from me?

This is a particularly important question, and one that it’s easy for many customers to overlook. If you can provide particularly useful materials or information to your plastic manufacturing company early on in the process, you can help to speed the process along with maximum efficiency. If you’ve got the ability to provide your own detailed CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings for example, many manufacturers find those helpful – but if you can’t, here at Excelsior we can always help produce them for you!

And if you’re on the lookout for plastic manufacturers, why not start with us? Here at Excelsior, we’ve got a long history behind us of delivering high-quality products made to specific deadlines and budgets. You can take a quick look through our case studies to see what we’ve achieved for previous customers, or simply give us a call on 0161 765 2010. We’re here to help!