A Spotlight On: Our Materials Handling Products

November 14, 2016

A Spotlight On: Our Materials Handling Products

Following our article on our wide range of plastic safety steps, we’re moving on to our range of materials handling products. Sturdy, hygienic and durable, there’s a lot to be said this range, so let’s take a closer look.

Our rotational moulded plastic truck range

We manufacture and supply over 40 different kinds of plastic roto moulded trucks, ideal for the catering, retail and hospitality sectors. Our range includes:

  • Tapered trucks
  • Container trucks
  • Bottle skips
  • Tidy trucks
  • Order picking trucks

Every one of our trucks is manufactured from 100% food grade, medium density polyethylene, making them hygienic and resilient, even when cleaned thoroughly and frequently with antibacterial formulae.

Our advanced rotomoulding processes ensure that the trucks are sturdy, free from weak spots (such as thinner corners and seams), and suited to your exact requirements – the trucks can be tailored to your exact specifications using our contract rotomoulding services, and come in a wide variety of vibrant, non-fade colours.

Rotational Moulded Plastic Containers For Ingredients

Our range of plastic products for ingredients includes:

  • Tapered bins
  • Straight sided bins
  • Trucks
  • Dispensers
  • Stacking bins and matching dolly

According to the Food Standards Agency, equipment for storing food must:

  • Be made of appropriate materials and kept in good order, repair and condition, in a way that minimises any risk of contamination.
  • Be made from materials that can be effectively cleaned.
  • Not cause contamination by absorbing substances like food or cleaning products that can contaminate food.

Free from unhygienic joints and seams, thanks to our roto moulding processes, our plastic ingredient storage products fall in line with best practices for handling consumables. In addition, all the raw materials used in the production of our rotomoulded plastic ingredients products are certified as suitable for use in food storage.

Rotational Moulded Plastic Tanks & Containers

Our line of 12 rotomoulded plastic tanks includes:

  • Tapered tanks
  • Straight sided tanks
  • Agricultural tanks
  • Pallet tanks

The tanks range from 30 to 455 litres, and can be purchased with loose-fitting lids and static or mobile frames for added support and ease of transport.

All of our plastic tanks are manufactured from food-grade polyethylene, making them hygienic, easy to clean, and perfectly suited for use in the food industry.

Excelsior: your rotomoulding specialists

All of our plastic materials handling products are manufactured from UV-stabilised, food grade medium density polyethylene, offering customers superior quality standards and adherence to health and safety legislation for the food industry.

Available in a wide range of bright, non-fade colours, our plastic materials handling products is also available in recycled black polymer for an affordable alternative to our food grade polyethylene range.

If you have a bespoke specification not available in our plastic materials handling products range, please talk to our contract roto moulding team for more information – we are happy to accommodate custom designs.

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