Amidst the sunshine, we’re getting set for winter

September 2, 2019

yellow grit bin

Now that summer is finally coming to a close, here at Excelsior we’re already busy putting grit bins into stock. Winter is our busiest time of the year, and at times it can be difficult keeping up with demand but already, the yard is a sea of yellow, and our 2000 sqm grit bin storage area is filling up fast. Some of our big grit bin customers are also getting prepared and have placed their winter orders already. Everyone loves a white Christmas, but for businesses who are caught unprepared, the snow and ice can create a real headache during office hours!

We have 7 different Grit Bins in our portfolio, ranging from a small domestic 30 litre bin, to a large roadside 400 litre bin. We have a variety of colours available and can brand the bins with the name of a local authority or the logo of a company.

It’s arguably a vital tool for commercial businesses as the chilly weather starts to set in – gritting your premises properly prevents the formation of dangerous black ice, which has been responsible for many a painful fall (and will be responsible for many more).

Falls at work can have wide ranging consequences – not least of which is the fact that it’s painful and unpleasant for the person concerned, who will have to personally deal with any short and long term consequences of their injuries. As for employers, it could result in lost productivity at one of the busiest times of the year – and (in the worst cases) possibly even expensive litigation claims. That’s just a sample of the potential consequences – the full list is a daunting one!

It’s just part of the reason why it can be so helpful to have a handy grit bin standing by if you do experience any white weather – the importance of safety can’t be underestimated!

We produce all grit bins with our rotomoulding process, creating durable, high-capacity containers that stand up well in all weathers throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our Grit Bins, please contact me on 0161 765 2003,