Aqua Power Technologies tests the water with Excelsior

October 23, 2020


Excelsior was chosen by Cumbria-based Aqua Power Technologies to manufacture the plastic hull for its AquaNode Wave Data Buoy.

The AquaNode is a particularly innovative type of marine buoy, which are used to continually monitor and measure atmospheric and oceanographic conditions at sea. It’s designed for use by a variety of maritime industries, including offshore oil and gas, offshore wind farms, ports and harbours, aquaculture, and ocean energy systems.

The team at Aqua Power Technologies had a very exacting set of requirements in mind when they approached Excelsior, as their vision was to keep the AquaNode small-scale, lightweight and low-cost.

We worked closely with them to design, tool and manufacture the high-density polyethylene shell for the AquaNode, which now forms the housing for an array of sophisticated electronics and sensors.


Sam Etherington, the managing director at Aqua Power Technologies, said: “We approached Excelsior to roto mould our wave data buoy’s float collars. We worked with the team through the design to production phases – essentially from an initial sketch all the way through to a final production part. The team at Excelsior showed a deep understanding and provided a lot of helpful assistance with the design, which enabled us to achieve the best production part. There was also great communication throughout the entire process. We wholly recommend Excelsior and hope to be working with them again soon.”

Giles Fielding, MD of Excelsior Roto Moulding, commented “We were delighted to have been chosen by Sam to be a part of this exciting project, which we hope to be the first of many with Sam, and were very pleased with the end product. It is fantastic that so many UK companies are looking to buy from UK suppliers, and despite everything that has happened worldwide over the last nine months, 2020 has been a very successful one for us here at Excelsior. The future looks very bright.”

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We enjoyed great communication, a deep understanding of the process, and assistance with the design from the team at Excelsior, enabling us to achieve the best production part.