Benefits of rotomoulded products for agriculture

February 20, 2020

large green plastic equipment

We serve a broad array of different sectors here at Excelsior, ranging from aerospace to industrial. Agriculture features fairly prominently in this range, and we’ve produced multiple products for the agricultural industry over the years. In fact, our roto moulding products present several specific benefits to the agriculture industry – here, we’ve detailed a few of the biggest!

They’re durable and impermeable

Agricultural equipment and machinery has to stand up to some pretty harsh and highly variable conditions throughout the year, so they need to be able to perform whatever the weather. It’s one of the key reasons that roto moulded plastic is so often chosen for storage tanks and materials handling bins, as they are built to last 365 days of the year.

Roto moulded plastic products also don’t rust, rot or corrode, unlike the wood or metal versions of years gone by. That makes them far safer for the surrounding animals, who are therefore less likely to injure themselves on feeding bins and similar products made out of polyethylene. It also makes them immune from insects and other pests, which can make quick work of wooden products. In contrast, plastic’s high degree of durability gives them a far longer serviceable lifespan, which ultimately makes them highly economical purchases.

The impermeability of plastic products not only makes them useful for keeping water out, but also keeping liquids in – yet another reason why the material is often used for water tanks and other fluid containers. (It can even be used to store the animals themselves – just ask the Scottish Salmon Company, a hugely satisfied client of ours here at Excelsior!)

marine and aquatic

They’re odourless and inert

While the quality of being odourless might not be such a sticking point in, say, the manufacturing industry, it can be a useful quality in the agriculture sector. Anything that smells even vaguely interesting to animals can sometimes be in danger of having chunks bitten out of it. Thankfully, since plastic is odourless, just like insects and other pests most animals are unlikely to be tempted (or willing) to take a bite out of it. Even for those animals who are passingly curious enough to try it as a snack, they’ll find it difficult to get their teeth around it in the first place – making it a reliably safe option for feeding troughs and similar products.

Large scale products can be created

Other types of plastic manufacturing processes, such as injection moulding, are typically used to create lots of small plastic products on a larger scale. However, part of the reason that roto moulding is so useful for the agricultural industry is that it’s perfect for creating the opposite – large scale products in a single, seamless piece. Once again, this is particularly important for containers, as larger sizes maximise their capacity. Meanwhile, the seamless construction makes them more durable and resistant to knocks and bumps (or even, as we’ve covered above, curious teeth).

In addition to supplying tanks into the fish farm industry, we have recently been involved in an exciting project with one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of feed silos. We now produce a range of feed hoppers for them – the hoppers sit on the base of certain silos and allow for even distribution of animal feed. They also enable farmers to check on the level of feed. Originally these parts were vacuum formed, so the switch to roto moulded products now offers farmers a far more durable product which won’t crack.

Of course, these are just a few general benefits – if you choose roto moulding for your own plastic product, you may well discover more of your own! That’s where we can help here at Excelsior; as well as our expansive array of products, we have decades of history behind us in bringing customers’ plastic products to life. Feel free to look through our previous case studies for some great examples, or if you’ve already got a plastic product in mind, feel free to give us a call on 0161 765 2010 to discuss it!