Classic Showjumps

April 28, 2015

classic showjumps

Outdoor pursuits across the board involve the unremitting use of hardware in frequently unforgiving climates, and none more so than horse riding.

Whether show jumping or generally taking care of horses, those in the equestrian industry know that the equipment they use needs to be able to withstand rough and regular application in all weathers.

In 2008, Excelsior launched a range of roto moulded mounting blocks, and was quickly selected by Classic Showjumps as its moulding partner.

Roto moulding is the ideal manufacturing technique for the production of equestrian products, as it facilitates the creation of single-piece, joint-free equipment that is consequently highly robust.

Excelsior’s equestrian products comprise premium UV stabilised polyethylene, which will not crack or discolour (and will stand up to most chemicals), is extremely durable and also very easy to clean.

In February 2010, Excelsior acquired the Classic Showjumps name and product range with a view to becoming a significant trade supplier. It has subsequently expanded both the collection and the brand’s presence in the European market.

Classic Showjumps is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic products for the yard, field and stable.  Products include jump wings, mounting blocks, tack and feed storage and a wide range of yard and stable accessories.

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