Excelsior continues to invest in staff

April 19, 2016

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At Excelsior we recognise the importance of focusing on the quality of our products and processes as a fundamental contributor to our success in achieving cost control and on time delivery performance for our customers. Fundamental to our approach has been our need to instil a company culture that is focused on quality through the involvement of our staff at all levels.

To ensure this is recognised throughout the company, we have identified nationally recognised industry training in the form of a Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Diploma, which all of our shop floor staff are currently working towards. The training provided by GT Innovations Limited ensures that our staff know what to do and why they are doing it. It has introduced them to graphic organisers in the form of 5S (workplace organisation) audits and visual management boards so that we monitor and share our improved performance and practice. It also provides a structured method of problem solving in the workplace that is a repeatable, auditable and standardised method of fixing problems down to their root cause ensuring issues are not repeated.

Our cross functional teams (quality circles) are embarking on continuous improvement projects structured by the “Deming Cycle” of plan, do, check and act. This ensures we plan, prioritise and analyse issues before addressing “SMART” (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time bound) targets. Once we have carried out an improvement we check by measuring our workplace data and if successful we act to sustain the improvement. Where possible we make physical changes or alternatively we produce standard operating procedures that are used to train and monitor the improved process.

Continuous quality, cost and delivery improvement is at the forefront of Excelsior’s strategy, both now and in the future. The investment in training is already having a positive impact on the workforce and the business which is continuing to grow.