Excelsior’s bottle skips become another customer favourite

August 30, 2019

plastic bottle skip

Excelsior is pleased to announce that we’ve now become the preferred supplier of bottle skips for a large new SME customer, which will add around £100,000 to our annual turnover. The customer had looked at various different plastic manufacturing companies, and had their heart set on a high-quality, well-priced bottle skip which could be relied upon to provide years of useful service. We’re proud to say that our own bottle skips fit that bill here at Excelsior!

A bit about our bottle skips

Like all other products we manufacture, our bottle skips are created using our roto moulding process. Typically, these are made from Medium Density Polyethylene, one of the core materials we use here at Excelsior, often favoured for its balance between cost-effectiveness, durability and longevity. This particular customer specified their bottle skips in a specific type of MDPE known as Recycle Black.

Recycle Black is the most eco-friendly material we use for our plastic products here at Excelsior. Essentially, it’s made from the offcuts of our other plastic materials, which we then break down and repurpose to create new plastic products. Because it’s re-used material, it’s cheaper and more economical than virgin plastic, and is less energy intensive to make. Whether it’s because of these eco-friendly properties or the cost savings that it offers, it’s rapidly becoming a favourite amongst our customer base, and we’ve seen increasing preference for it in the orders we’ve received throughout 2019.

We have a long history of supplying bottle skips across a range of industries; they’re one of the varied range of products we offer as standard. They’re primarily used to store and ultimately recycle large amounts of bottles (and glasses) more easily and efficiently, which makes them a frequent mainstay of bars, pubs, hotels, and even stadiums.

You can explore our full range of bottle skips, or take a look through the other plastic manufactured products for sale on our website. Or, if you’re interested in becoming a distributor for our bottle skips, please contact me on 0161 765 2003, or email me at