How you can benefit from personalising your plastic product

June 27, 2019


We’ve been in business over a century here at Excelsior, spending much of that extensive history using our rotomoulding plastic manufacturing services to help customers bring their plastic products to life. You can choose to personalise your plastic product in one of several ways, for example by stamping your logo on it, or by specifying from a range of colours. If you’ve not thought about doing so, allow us to explain why it can be quite so useful!

Why put your logo on your plastic product?

Essentially, stamping your company logo onto your plastic product is one of the most immediate and useful ways to get customers to associate it with your brand, especially if it’s being put to use outside your premises. If you’ve drawn up plans for producing a custom plastic product aimed at a specific market (for example, like our own equestrian range), then it never hurts to remind the end user of who came up with the original idea, and who they should go back to for more.

Even if your plastic products are only functional items intended for use on your own site, such as safety steps or materials handling tanks, having your logo on them looks undeniably more professional, and goes a long way to establishing an excellent first impression of your business and reinforcing trust in your brand. If you’re in a business in the aquaculture industry, for example, satisfied customers will be even more likely to remember your business if you’ve got your company’s name emblazoned on the tanks. If you’ve only got a short product run, you might even want to consider whether it’s worth imprinting your company’s contact details on them!

How choosing appropriate colours can benefit your brand

Choosing the colours of your business can help reinforce your company identity to employees, and project the right impression to visitors. It always looks great to have physical plastic products match the colours of your brand, but the benefits go way beyond that. We’ve talked before about how humans tend to have very deep-seated associations with specific colours. You can use this to your advantage by subtly influencing the emotions people feel about your brand.

Lightweight Steps - RW0106

For example, we tend to interpret warm colours like red and orange as being vibrant and energetic, which is great if you’re an outdoorsy kind of business. On the other hand, shades of blue tend to be interpreted as being calming and trustworthy, which can be exceptionally useful if you’re positioning yourself as experts in your field, or consultants with extensive professional expertise.

Visitors and clients aside, it can also be used for useful practical purposes – you might want to colour code your equipment as visual shorthands to indicate their functions. Food-grade tanks can be easily distinguished from non-food grade tanks simply by their colour. It can also be useful to keep smaller, lighter bits of equipment in their proper place; you can train your employees to recognise that blue safety steps should stay in the warehouse, for example, whereas green materials handling bins should be kept outside (we’re making things up off the cuff here, but you get the point).

Whatever you decide, we’re here to help at Excelsior. We’ve got a fantastic range of durable, versatile products to choose from, and years of experience in helping our customers make their bespoke plastic products a reality. Feel free to give us a call on 0161 765 2010, or email us at, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!