Key storage considerations for your plastic food bins

December 17, 2019


If you need the ideal material to store your food, plastic is always an excellent choice. Robust, secure and chemically safe, it’s the perfect material for plastic food handling bins. But when you’re sizing up your choices from the wide range of plastic bins we offer here at Excelsior, you’ve also got to consider how they’re going to integrate into the storage environment you’ve got available, and how you can facilitate them. In other words, you’ll need to consider not just what the bin is made of, but how it’s stored too. Here, we’ve got a couple of tips to ensure that you make the most of your space, so that you can store your foodstuffs or ingredients easily and safely.

Ensure you’re placing them strategically

It might sound like a point so obvious it’s almost not worth highlighting, but you may be surprised at how much time and energy you can save yourself and your staff simply by rethinking where exactly where your food bins are located. Even if you’re satisfied with where they’re placed now, it doesn’t hurt to review it every now and again, just in case. We’re not talking just about ensuring they’re not in major highways – that’s fairly basic stuff, after all – but more along the lines of what surfaces they can fit under. Most of the materials handling bins and food bins that we stock here at Excelsior can easily fit under worktops, counters and tables, giving you plenty of options to streamline the efficiency of your space and operations.

For example, if you’re using food bins for waste storage in an outside environment, it never hurts to double check that they’re as close as they could feasibly be to the back door as possible (hygiene permitting). If they’re being stored inside on the other hand, equally you’ll want to ensure that they’re as close to the source of the waste as possible. Equally, rotation is important too. This way, if you’re using them for ingredients storage, you can always ensure that you’re using up the oldest ingredients first – helping you to minimise waste, and therefore save on costs.

Label your bins clearly

This is always a vital aspect of food safety. It saves time in identifying what’s in each bin, and can safeguard against the possibility of any accidental mixing. This can occasionally be unsafe, especially where allergens are concerned, and therefore is almost always expensive, as the entire batch must be disposed of to prevent the risks posed by contamination. Here at Excelsior, we offer several options to clearly label your food bins. There’s our bespoke stencilling service, which permanently imprints the word or message of your choice directly onto the bin (far more effective than sticky notes!). We also provide a wide range of colours to choose from in our food bins, so that you can colour code them for safety or convenience. Many businesses find that it’s easier to use both techniques, but the ultimate choice is all up to you!

Whatever you’re after, here at Excelsior we’ve got plenty of options to suit you. Our food bins are all amongst our standard range of plastic products, which also includes steps and grit bins. You can browse them right here on our website, or if you’d like to place an order, feel free to give us a call on 0161 275 2010, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!