Perfect plastic products for the hospitality industry

November 28, 2016

Perfect plastic products for the hospitality industry

The plastic products we design and manufacture here at Excelsior find their way into a huge range of sectors – from laboratory work to construction, and catering to the military. Today, we’re taking a look at our products for the hospitality industry – and just why they’re so perfectly suited.

Bottle skips

Busy pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants need waste containers that will do the job properly. Our bottle skips, available in five sizes, can hold from 135 to 185 litres, and are moulded to include anti-jamming lugs, which makes them easy to stack and extract quickly and without any hassle. Each of our bottle skips is fitted with 2-inch castors as standard for ease of transportation, making them easy to remove from busy service areas when full, and to switch out with empty skips quickly and conveniently. Our bottle skips are made from economical recycled polymer, and come in blue and black. They can be made to order in a colour of your choice; we can also include your company logo if required – this will be moulded on to the product, ensuring it never fades or is rubbed off.

Tidy trucks

Tidy trucks are a versatile must-have in the hospitality industry, useful for anything from waste collection and transportation to order picking and ingredients storage. Available in two sizes, holding 350 and 500 litres respectively, our tidy trucks are fully stackable and are available with hinged lids for hygiene and tidiness. Designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, our plastic tidy trucks are completely smooth on the inside for ease of cleaning, and come with a steel reinforcing plate fitted to their base for extra support. Available in red, yellow and blue as standard, our tidy trucks can be customised like all our plastic products, through our contract rotomoulding service.

Products for ingredients

Excelsior manufactures a range of materials handling products. Our rotomoulding process is ideally suited to products of this kind, and we have in stock:

All of our materials handling products are moulded from food grade polyethylene, making them completely safe for use in kitchens and catering environments.

Why roto moulding and plastic are ideal

The rotomoulding process – and plastic as a material – lend themselves to the manufacture of high quality bottle skips, tidy trucks and materials handling products: Affordable: plastic, and the rotomoulding process, are both economical for small and large runs of products. Our in-stock range of hospitality-suited products are great value for money. Hygienic: made from food grade polyethylene, our materials handling products are certified as being suitable to come into contact with food. Seamless: roto moulding produces plastic products without seams, avoiding weak spots in the structure and negating the potential for bacteria to gather and grow in any crevices. Durable: strong and long-lasting, our products are designed to be as durable and resilient as you need them to be, even with repeated heavy usage. Browse the range of plastic products we manufacture or contact us for details of our contract moulding service.

Browse the range of plastic products we manufacture or contact us for details of our contract moulding service