The Power Of European Plastics Manufacturing

May 10, 2017

the power of european plastics manufacturing feature image

In recent weeks we’ve taken some quite extensive looks at the state of the British plastics industry. (In short it’s pretty good, in case you were worried!) This week though, we’re looking at the wider picture, as the European plastics industry has some fascinating statistics of its own.

Some Key Facts About The European Plastics Industry

  1. 5 million people are directly employed by the European plastics industry

When we say ‘directly employed’, we mean the people who are actually working in the plastics companies using techniques like rotomoulding and injection moulding. We’re not including all the people whose jobs are indirectly reliant on plastic manufacturing, such as toy retailers and high street shops. If you were to count these people, the number would be dizzyingly high! It’s a good reflection of how pivotal the plastics sector is in European manufacturing, and how lots of us probably rely on it a lot more than we might first realise.

  1. The number of plastics companies actively operating in Europe number around 60,000

This spans a number of sub-sectors, from the people who produce the raw plastic materials to businesses like us here at Excelsior, who use those raw materials to create end products for our customers. For reference, there are more plastic companies in Europe than there are people in Greenland!

  1. In 2015 the European plastics industry had a turnover of more than €340 billion

It’s another staggeringly large number, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider how many sectors use plastic components. As we’ve discussed in detail recently, the transport, medical and sport industries all rely heavily on plastic products. To put it into perspective, €340 billion would have been enough money to single-handedly solve Greece’s national debt at the height of its recession a few years ago.

  1. After China, Europe is one of the world’s largest producers of plastics materials (followed closely by America)

When it comes to plastics manufacturing, Europe is a world superpower. We’ve spoken before about how our humble island of Britain leads the charge in one or two sectors, and lots of countries in the EU are similar pioneers in their fields. Every day, hundreds of tons of plastic products are shipped all over Europe, and frequently further afar too. Of course, with Brexit talks looming, it remains to be seen to what extent Britain’s situation will change on the world stage. But one thing’s for certain – when it comes to plastics manufacturing, we can hold our own!

What About Us Here At Excelsior?

Our chosen manufacturing method is our roto moulding process, which we use to create consistently high-quality plastic products. There are a number of advantages that roto-moulding offers over other methods: one of the main ones is that because of the nature of the process, products are created in a single, seamless piece.

This means there are no vulnerable joints or ‘stress points’ which might break under pressure, resulting in a final product that’s tough, durable and reliable. Rotomoulding is also fantastically cost-effective in small product batches of as little as ten products. What’s more, our engineers at Excelsior can get started relatively quickly, with the initial preparations only taking a couple of months – as opposed to the half-year sometimes necessary for other processes.

At Excelsior, we’re proud to be a part of the impressive manufacturing machine that is the European plastics industry, and there’s no better way to honour that commitment than providing quality service to you, our customers. You can read more about our contract moulding case studies here, or just call us on 0161 765 2010 to find out how we can make your plastic product a reality.

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