Purrrfect! New 2016 commission for Excelsior’s award-winning Feline Fort

May 4, 2016

feline fort

An award-winning cat welfare product has proved so successful that the UK’s leading feline charity Cats Protection has commissioned an additional tool from Excelsior Roto-Moulding Ltd, in order to enable it to satisfy growing demand.

Cats often suffer from stress as they adjust to unfamiliar environments.  Those looked after by Cats Protection are housed in pens designed to help them feel secure, and historically these were equipped with cardboard boxes and cat baskets etc, which were difficult to keep clean and didn’t last long.

The charity required a durable, hygienic alternative to this equipment, and in 2012, approached Excelsior to design and produce a bespoke product, appreciating the relatively low start-up costs incurred by rotational moulding.

Excelsior worked closely with Cats Protection’s behavioral specialists, and using research provided by recognised specialist in veterinary behavioral medicine, Dr Rachel Caseya, it designed a unique product to help reduce cats’ stress levels.

Featuring three components – a hide, step and table – the Feline Fort enables cats to choose the degree to which they interact with people.  Each component is constructed from single-piece, joint-free, premium UV stabilised polyethylene, which is durable, will not discolour and is easy to clean.

The product was an instant success for Cats Protection.  All elements of the Feline Fort are used by the charity, and the Cat Hide is now mandatory in all of its adoption centres. In 2013, the product won an International Cat Care’s Cat Friendly Award.

As news of the custom-madeproduct spread, the charity began to receive orders from private individuals and other organisations, such as charities and veterinary practices, as well as from within Cats Protection.

Earlier in spring 2016, the charity commissioned an additional tool at Excelsior in order to enable it to satisfy growing demand and to fully capitalise on the fund-generating capacity of the product.

Said Cats Protection purchasing officer, Louise Ellis:  “Excelsior’s new tooling has already reduced lead times, enabling us to keep up with demand and ensure that the tremendous potential this product has to improve the life of cats and kittens is properly fulfilled.

Added Excelsior’s managing director, Giles Fielding:  “We are delighted that this product has proved such a hit.  Roto-moulding was the ideal production technique for the Feline Fort, enabling the charity to realise its idea cost-effectively and quickly.  And because we’re able to offer a comprehensive in-house service, including CAD and sheet-steel tooling, we were able to undertake the contract from concept to production, efficiently creating a completely unique product that met precisely the customer’s requirements.”

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