The Scottish Salmon Company seeks out Excelsior for our outstanding service

April 5, 2017

salmon jumping up river

We’re proud to have taken on quite a lot of new clients in the last year or so, applying our same principles of quality and efficiency to each and every order. Amongst our newest clients is the Scottish Salmon Company; a leading independent producer of Scottish salmon. Not only do they supply supermarkets and retail chains, but also breed and rear the fish themselves. At the moment they’re in the process of ordering two moulds from Excelsior: one for a tub to house the live fish when they’re very small, as well as a collar for the tub to sit on, all of which will be housed in a brand new unit that they are currently having built.

Having been impressed with our service and pricing, the Scottish Salmon Company sought us out, despite being based in the Highlands. We sat down with them and discussed the project brief, and following on from this they have placed an order for the CAD work which is being produced in-house. CAD Design is a service that we offer through our sister tooling company, Crossfield Excalibur – however for very technical designs we work closely with a very experienced external design company who work specifically in the roto moulding sector.

Currently we’re midway through our CAD work for the Scottish Salmon Company. Once completed, the designs will be sent to the customer for review and approval; as with all of our clients, this will be the time to suggest any alterations or amendments before production of the tooling commences in earnest. Once the tool is complete, we usually allow up to 1 week for sampling and sample approval, thereafter we are straight into full production.

It’s a very interesting and exciting project, one of many that we have on the go currently, and we greatly look forward to the next stage of our service with the Scottish Salmon Company.

If you’d like to learn more about the sorts of services we provide here at Excelsior, you can visit our services page. On the other hand, you can always call us on 0161 765 2010 today, so that we can start helping your plastic product idea to become a reality.