Tough kit fit for adventure from Excelsior

September 19, 2014

Excelsior Roto Moulding Ltd has joined forces with innovative outdoor company Adventure Orb Designs Ltd, to create a robust luggage item designed for use in the harshest conditions.

We supported Adventure Orb with the design, and manufactured the main body of the aptly-named, easily manoeuvrable, waterproof, corrosion resistant and shatterproof Tough Box (TBX).

Unique in its combination of features, one of the TBX’s greatest assets is the single piece composition of its roto-moulded polyethylene main body, which, in the absence of joins, is waterproof and able to float.

Adventure Orb awarded the deal to Excelsior because it required a firm that could contribute to the design of the product as well as undertake its manufacture. We’re one of the few companies in the roto-moulding sector with an in-house CAD design facility. We’re able to work with the customer to develop their initial concept into a valid design, and then translate the design into a 3-D model. The first batch of TBXs was completed in spring this year.

Said Adventure Orb’s managing director, ex-serviceman Ben Sherwood: “Another of Excelsior’s main advantages was its attitude: it shared my passion for innovation, and the team was never short of ideas.

“Its 40 year roto moulding heritage and family ownership was also immediately apparent, not only in the skill that the firm brought to the job, but also in its pride and passion.”

Our managing director, Giles Fielding: “This was a tremendously engaging project for Excelsior, where we relish a challenge.

“It was particularly gratifying to be able to handle the job in-house, from concept to production, and of course this meant that we were able to do the work efficiently and cost-effectively.”