We Know How To Handle Things: Uses For Material Handling Bins

January 23, 2017

plastic snack dispenser with scoop

Like many of our products, one of the best things about our materials handling bins is their versatility. Having said that, some of their uses aren’t all obvious right off the bat, and they can have an impressive range of utilities for professionals and homeowners alike. Here are just a few!

Industrial uses of plastic bins

As we’ve touched upon a few times in several of our recent blogs, plastic materials bins have a whole range of benefits to offer in industrial and warehouse settings, especially in industries like construction. They provide a particularly useful deposit for porous but solid substances like sand, grit or gravel, as its tough and non-porous nature prevents them from escaping as easily as they would from other containers. It’s these same properties that make materials handling containers exceptionally useful for liquids or slurries. Likewise, solid objects that have the potential to leak – like solvent-based paints – are far more easily controlled with containers, as at least if there is a leak it’s all contained within the plastic bin.

Plastic containers are also really handy for substances that would be toxic or dangerous, as they can once again contain any potential leakages or harmful chemicals to their interiors, rather than have them slop out over the back of a van or over a workspace. Their weatherproof nature also means that you can rely on them to protect such hazardous or volatile elements from outside factors like rain or snow, preventing the contents from being ruined by the elements.

Plastic bins at home or in the workplace

It’s not just industrial settings that can benefit from plastic materials handling containers; more domestic environments can benefit too. Their durable nature can provide helpful places to store delicate or treasured items, as their exteriors can easily withstand accidental kicks or knocks. Also, since they can be manufactured to specific sizes by virtue of our rotomoulding process, you can order them in direct proportion to the amount of space you have. They’re also fantastic for storing belongings such as in environments like cellars or basements, protecting them from the dampness in the air.

The advantages of their non-porous nature also makes them great in a home or office environment for storing cleaning supplies like bleach or scourers, helping shield other items or people from potentially harmful chemical leaks. Every office and home also tends to have an abundance of cables, especially with so many electrical good typically found in such places, so they make a handy repository for them. There are fewer gaps for cables to poke out or fall out, meaning that not only are they easier to find when you need them, but they’re also prevented from becoming tripping or fire hazards.

It’s all in the name – though not always exciting to look at, materials handling bins really are stunningly versatile objects that offer almost limitless uses. And it’s no small thanks to that wonderful and diverse construction material: plastic.

To find out what plastic can offer your business, you can read our blog post on the topic here, or you can start reading about our contract moulding process with no further ado!

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