Vital equipment for your warehouse

May 30, 2019

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The equipment you use within your warehouse often strongly influences its safety and efficiency, which means that investing in strong, durable equipment is never a bad move, whatever your industry. Here at Excelsior, we supply everything from storage boxes to safety steps and materials handling products, made to the same high standards we’ve been known for since 1896. This includes a range of products that are incredibly useful for warehouses, just a few of which we’ve listed below!

Plastic safety steps

Every warehouse has products which are stored at height, so it’s essential that your operatives can reach these products quickly and safely. Our range of plastic safety steps has been designed with this dual functionality in mind, allowing you to store and retrieve objects rapidly whilst reducing the likelihood of trips and falls. We produce heavy-duty steps and lightweight steps in a range of designs and sizes, but all are made using 100% food grade medium density polyethylene, so they can be used in a wide variety of retail and warehousing environments, including food warehousing. They’re resistant to the majority of chemicals and are designed to be extremely tough and durable, as well as being slip resistant. That means you can rely on them year after year, negating the need for further step purchases.

Lightweight steps and stools

Our lightweight safety steps are just as tough and reliable, and yet they’re easy to transport, and that also reduces the chances of injuries caused by dropped steps. As they’re made using the very latest rotomoulding technology, they’re also free from jagged edges, which means that your warehouse operatives can work safely without having to worry about cuts and abrasions. For lower level storage and retrieval, our plastic stools are ideal as, like all our steps, they have moulded in treads to give extra grip to footwear.

Materials handling solutions

Whether your warehouse is large or small, our materials handling solutions can help it become more efficient by making it easier, and safer, to transport goods from one area to another. There’s a vast range of products, so you’re sure to find what you need, whether that be order picking trucks, ingredients trucks and dispensers, bins that are either straight sided or tapered, grit bins and bottle skips. We also supply wheeled mobile trucks with handles, meaning that large or heavy quantities of materials can be transported rapidly and with ease by just one warehouse operative.


Bespoke warehousing products

Our range of warehouse friendly products can make your operations safer than ever before, especially when used with plastic safety tape and the correct signage. With our wealth of experience, we can also make bespoke rotomoulded plastic products of any size or shape so that we can manufacture a product that’s perfectly tailored to your individual needs and your specific products and warehouse.

We can also supply products in any colour of your choosing, which not only means that they can match your corporate branding they can stand out in a warehouse environment, which in itself can be an important aid to safety, helping you keep your operations running smoothly and reliably year after year. Feel free to give us a call on 0161 765 2010 to find out more!