Material Concerns: What Is Recycle Black?

September 20, 2017

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Because plastic has to be so carefully managed here in the UK, here at Excelsior we try and save as much as we can rather than let it go to waste. That’s why we offer ‘Recycle Black’ as one of our four materials. Essentially, it’s the offcuts from our plastic processes, and we’re able to repurpose it to suit our customers’ needs. This week on the blog, we’re going to explain a little about it, and how it might be able to be of use to you!

What Is Recycle Black?

Though there are obviously a lot of technical factors involved, we won’t go into exhaustive detail in this explanation – we’ll just give you the broad strokes. Basically, when we use our roto moulding process to create a mould, it’s not always the case that 100% of the plastic is used. Instead of simply throwing any excess away, we collect all of our off-cuts and scrap mouldings, and cut them up in our Bury workshop.

Then, we load them into bulk containers and ship them off to a partner of ours in Darwen. There, the offcuts are put through a granulator to be processed into much smaller pieces. From there, it goes off to a specialist supplier, where what was once waste is melted down, extruded and eventually shipped back to us here at Excelsior in black powder form (hence the name!). We’re then able to use this powder to create brand-new plastic products for our customers, with only one or two caveats. By doing this, we’re able to use our raw material to its maximum potential, saving on unnecessary wastage and allowing us to be as efficient and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Advantages Of Recycle Black

Due to its repurposed nature, Recycle Black is only unsuitable for a few contexts. It’s not food-grade, which limits its potential in safety applications, and it doesn’t have the inherent strength required for a lot of bespoke contract moulding work.

Having said that though, it more than makes up for it in other areas. It’s cheaper and more economical than virgin plastic, and it doesn’t take the raw resources to create that virgin plastic requires. It’s fantastic for anyone on a budget, as it’s an ideal way for us to provide customers with great products at more competitive prices than they’d pay for coloured products. Grit bins and exhibition display cases are just two of the most common examples. In fact, though, we can theoretically mould any product in recycled material if we wanted to, regardless of the quantity or the size of the product itself. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about what’s best for you, our customers!

Here at Excelsior, we pride ourselves on our ability to use our roto moulding services to create a vast number of products to demand. You can browse our case studies to see some great examples of what we’ve done for previous satisfied customers, or give us a call here on 0161 765 2010 to find out how we can make your plastic product a reality!

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