What Is The Plastics Industry Doing About Waste?

November 20, 2017

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Plastic is a diverse, versatile and famously durable material – all of which makes it fantastically useful for manufacturing, but it’s this same durability which can cause it to be a problem for the environment if disposed of improperly. Like many in the plastics industry, here at Excelsior we’re often asked what we’re doing about it – both in terms of our company and our industry as a whole. You’ll be happy to hear: quite a bit!

Changing The Way We Deal With Plastic Waste

We’ve been in the plastics industry a long time, which means that we know that common adage is still as relevant as ever: prevention is better than cure. It’s easy to think of plastic waste as exactly that – waste – but in actual fact, a more constructive way to look at it is to think of plastic as a useful resource that’s simply in the wrong place. We can all agree that litter looks awful and is hugely damaging to the environment, but not only that, it also removes valuable resources from our economy.

The leading UK industry body, the British Plastics Federation, is taking an active part in contributing to several initiatives aimed at tackling plastic waste. Down South, one of these is FFSLND – For Fish’s Sake, London – which aims to stem flow of litter being released into the River Thames, in order to protect its wildlife. Creative endeavours to educate the public include Voting Bins, ‘grate art’, and even zorbs! Personally, it sounds like it would all work on us!

Other initiatives include the Marine Litter Action Network, a partnership between the BPF, the Marine Conservation Society and a variety of other organisations, which brings everyone together under the same umbrella to take co-ordinated action on litter (which again, includes one or two educational programmes for the public). What’s more, the British Plastics Federation are actively supporting the Litter Strategy for England, introduced by the English government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

So What Are We Doing Here At Excelsior?

We pride ourselves on being pretty environmentally conscious here at Excelsior – we’re very aware of the potential for damage that plastic can have if it’s not disposed of properly. That’s why we use Recycle Black as one of our core materials. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a composite material that’s made up of plastic shavings from our workshop floor. By processing this into new raw material, we drastically cut down on our potential for waste. What’s more, our rotomoulding process is inherently economical and cost-effective, helping to cut down on unwanted spare products for our customers.

That’s far from the only benefit that roto moulding has, though. If you’ve got an idea for a plastic product, we’d love to help you make it a reality! You can check out our contract moulding page to find out what’s involved, or give us a call directly on 0161 765 2010.

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