Why Is Product Durability Important?

August 22, 2017

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No matter the product in question, durability is always a key concern. As just a single aspect of the product manufacturing process, it has a surprisingly wide reaching set of implications. This includes not just the practical advantages it offers, but also the economical and environmental benefits it provides too. So, this week on the blog, we’re looking at exactly why product durability is always important.

The Practical Advantages

Obviously, the physical durability of a product has lots of immediate practical advantages to its end users. The easiest example to use is that of storage. Storage containers (such as our very own material handling bins) need to be durable as a rule – if they split or crack, it not only costs you the price of replacing the containers themselves, but quite often their contents too. Having, say, animal feed or even chemical compositions spilling out onto the ground is no one’s idea of a good scenario.

Then again, plastic products manufactured with rotomoulding processes might need to be tough and durable for other reasons. Safety products like plastic safety steps naturally need to withstand the weight of their users, or they are by definition unfit for purpose. Durability, then, can often be key to the functionality of the product.

Durability Makes Things More Economical

While durable products can often be initially a bit more expensive, that initial cost quickly balances out in the long term. Cheaper, less durable products are naturally prone to much more frequent breakages, which means that repair or replacement expenses can quickly ramp up, making ultimately them more costly. And if it’s your own bespoke product that you’re selling onto customers, that financial annoyance will likely result in a loss of loyalty to your brand!

You can see then, why manufacturing products to be more durable from the off is a much better idea. With our roto moulding services here at Excelsior, you don’t have to sacrifice product numbers either, as we’re capable of manufacturing medium to large product batches on a cost-effective basis, while still maintaining a solid degree of durability in the finished products.

Durable Products Are More Environmentally Friendly

This one might not be quite as obvious right off the bat. Surely all products, durable or not, all use the same raw materials anyway, right? Well, yes, but the longer a single product lasts, the more time the environment has to recover the materials used to make it.

Here’s a common example used in the industry to explain this scenario. Building a log house entails cutting down trees to get those logs. In order to be sustainable, the structure has to last for at least as long as it takes those trees to regrow. This way, our natural environment has more time to fully recover itself before the cycle begins anew. This is applicable on a wider scale too, and this sustainability is one of the many reasons that it’s more desirable to manufacture high-quality products with an excellent degree of durability.

Here at Excelsior, we put a focus on making all of our products as durable as possible (working to within customer specifications, of course), and pride ourselves on the quality of the products we make with our roto-moulding process. You can read about our successful case studies on our site, or browse our full product range here. If you’ve got an idea for your own plastic product, we’d love to hear it – just contact us to find out how we can help!

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