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The Need

As part of its portfolio, Cartwright Fitness supplies a range of fitness assessment packages including the Chester Aerobic Fitness Test kit which measures submaximal aerobic fitness.

Developed by Professor Kevin Sykes at Chester University and commissioned by the Home Office, the Chester Step Test is now recognised around the world as the benchmark test for aerobic fitness and is used extensively in the entry requirements and ongoing fitness testing of emergency services personnel in the UK.

The test involves participants stepping up and down on a step at the pace dictated by a metronome while their heart rate is measured.

The pace is increased throughout the test and the ‘VO2 max’ reading the test produces calculates the body’s ability to maximise oxygen across a different range of exertions. The height of the step used in the test is determined by the participant’s age and general fitness level and ranges from 15cm through to 30cm.

Over the years fitness assessment professionals have used a range of different steps to conduct the test including wooden benches, wooden steps and metal blocks, all proving heavy and cumbersome.

What our client says

  • “Although these steps weren’t originally designed for the Chester Step Test they are the only product we recommend for this specific purpose. They’re safe, durable lightweight and stackable which are all huge benefits for our customers. They’re also an extremely cost-effective solution lasting more than 10 years.”

    Colin Cartwright, Business Owner

The Product

Lightweight (5, 10, 15 and 20kg), highly mobile and manufactured from 100% food grade medium density polyethylene with added UV stabiliser, Excelsior’s Premium Steps can be used in any environment, indoors or outdoors within the temperature range: -20 to +60 degrees. They also come with routed out handles on either side for ease of handling and each step is fitted with abrasive strips for sure footing.

So when the team at Cartwright Fitness discovered Excelsior’s Premier Step collection, more than two years ago, they knew they’d found the perfect plastic solution.

Cartwright Fitness sources the steps for their emergency services customers in a range of heights, branding them – and occasionally modifying them – as part of a package which also includes VO2 max calculating software, heart-rate monitor and resource manual.

The Benefits

  • built to last
  • fully compliant
  • non-slip surface
  • resistant to most chemicals

Roto moulded and built to last, Excelsior’s Premier Steps have a certified load bearing capacity of 260kg and are fully compliant with BS EN 14183:2003 so they’re the perfect product for Cartwright Fitness and its emergency services customers.

With a typical wall thickness of 5mm, these steps are resistant to most chemicals and extremely robust. They have a grip-lined non-slip surface and are designed to withstand the most demanding use which is why they’re also trusted by and used extensively in schools, hospitals and the equestrian market.

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