Linemark is a successful sports and amenity paint manufacturer, supplying line marking paints, machines and accessories in the UK and throughout the world.

Its innovative products are used at some of the world’s major stadiums including Old Trafford and Ellis Park in South Africa and at many sporting events including the London Olympics 2012 and all 41 venues at the Rugby World Cup 2015.

The Need

Linemark needed a bespoke plastic tank for its original iGO™ linemarking machine. It needed to safely and reliably hold 16 litres of paint and enable Linemark’s innovative high pressure pump system to deliver consistent, high definition application of line markings.

It wanted to partner with a local company with the technical expertise, experience and flexible production capacity to meet its evolving needs. It chose Excelsior because the team met its criteria and offered a highly personal approach.

What our client says

  • “In those early days it was really useful to work closely together and discuss product requirements face-to-face. From day one nothing was ever too much trouble for Excelsior and they always found a solution for our technical challenges.”

    Tony Holt, Linemark, director and owner

The Solution

Following detailed product discussions, the team at Excelsior created a bespoke tool for the tank and manufactured sample products for Linemark to review before full production began. The 16 litre tank was roto moulded from tough medium density polyethylene which not only ensured a consistently high quality finish, it also makes the product lightweight yet extremely strong and durable. The net result was that Linemark were delighted with the finished product.

The Benefits

  • High Quality finish
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Lightweight yet strong, durable material
  • Flexibility of design

“The team at Excelsior have a thorough understanding of our business and this information is critical when we need their expertise to solve a problem or help us create a new product. They’ll definitely form part of our future success.“

The success of this project laid the foundation for a twenty year relationship that would evolve in line with the iGO’s incredible success. Over time the tank was upgraded to the current three piece formation of front and back covers with integrated pod (paint holder) with a separate paint tank an option depending on the customer’s requirements.The iGO™ is part of the Impact System for which Linemark won the coveted Queens Award for Innovation in 2011. Today the latest version, the iGO™ Advance, is sold in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

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