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We are a family run business and have been involved in the roto moulding of plastics since the mid 1970s, so it’s safe to say that we’ve got a fair bit of experience under our belts. Having first started back in 1902, we understand the importance of moving with the times, which is why we’ve […]

Why is Low Density Polyethylene so useful in plastic manufacturing?

orange ldpe

Polyethylene a material that we rely on a lot for plastics manufacturing here at Excelsior. If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll have already seen our recent piece on High Density Polyethylene. Its counterpart, Low Density Polyethylene, or LDPE, is another one of the core materials we often use for our roto-moulding processes, so […]

A quick introduction to High Density Polyethylene


You may already be familiar with polyethylene – it’s one of the core materials we use in our roto-moulding process here at Excelsior. Specifically, high density polyethylene is one of its very distinct sub-materials. If you’ve got a product in mind for plastic manufacturing, high-density polyethylene might be just the material you’re looking for! What […]

What is a tight tolerance in plastic manufacturing?

design measurements

OK, so let’s say you’ve got a plastic product in mind. Before you get to the stage of actual plastic manufacturing with injection or roto-moulding, you will at some point have to consider its tolerances. The issue of tolerances concerns designers, engineers and manufacturers alike, and it’s an essential step in the overall process. And […]

New reports says recycling plastic could meet three-quarters of UK demand

plastic recycling

Plastic has been in the news a lot lately, and not always for the best reasons. With many single-use plastics becoming more and more of an environmental concern, the pressure is on more than ever for rotomoulding and plastic manufacturing companies to reduce and prevent plastic waste. In the midst of this, the Green Alliance […]

Why is injection moulding so expensive?

injection moulding

Cost is always a major consideration when you’re choosing the best plastic manufacturing process for creating your plastic products. The tricky thing is, however, that the costs are often relative, and can go up or down depending on a number of factors including (for example) the size of your product, how many you need and […]

3 reasons why rotomoulding is ideal for the medical industry


You may not have realised before how heavily the medical industry relies on plastic. (In fact, we’ve gone into a bit of detail before on the nature of the relationship between plastic and medicine – it’s worth a read!) Beyond plastic in general, though, rotomoulding has always been a particularly useful plastic manufacturing process for […]

What Sort of Products Can Be Made With Rotomoulding?

colourful kayaks

It’s a question our experts often get here at Excelsior. Once our customers understand how rotomoulding and injection moulding works, and the various differences between them, obviously the next concern is always going to be – is it the most suitable process for the product you have in mind? Hopefully some of our previous posts […]

How Would You Manufacture A Plastic Product?

plastic resin granules

If you’re new to the world of plastic manufacturing, it stands to reason that there will be a few major questions you’ll want the answers to right out of the gate. And amongst the foremost of those will probably be – how would you manufacture a plastic product? Well, there are a few key processes […]

What Alternatives Are There To Injection Moulding?

injection moulding machine

Injection moulding is far from the only option you’ve got when it comes to plastic manufacturing, although it can sometimes get a lot more of the limelight compared to other processes like rotomoulding or blow moulding. Obviously, before you commit to any plastic manufacturing process it’s always best to know all the facts first, and […]