• Amidst the sunshine, we’re getting set for winter

    Now that summer is finally coming to a close, here at Excelsior we’re already busy putting grit bins into stock. […]

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  • Excelsior’s bottle skips become another customer favourite

    Excelsior is pleased to announce that we’ve now become the preferred supplier of bottle skips for a large new SME […]

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  • Excelsior delivers bespoke products for international market leader

    We have been working on a very large project with one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of pipes and fittings. The […]

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  • A quick taster of what you can expect from our brand new catalogue

    We’ve had a brand new catalogue in the works for a little while now, and we’re pleased to finally unveil […]

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  • Industrial

    How you can benefit from personalising your plastic product

    We’ve been in business over a century here at Excelsior, spending much of that extensive history using our rotomoulding plastic […]

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  • Easy ways to increase your materials handling efficiency

    We’ve been in business for over a century now here at Excelsior, with many years of success behind us in […]

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  • RW0121-ACTION (1)

    Vital equipment for your warehouse

    The equipment you use within your warehouse often strongly influences its safety and efficiency, which means that investing in strong, […]

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  • polyethylene granules raw plastic material

    Why use Medium Density Polyethylene for plastic products?

    Excelsior is now over 100 years old, so as you can imagine we’ve got considerable experience behind us in using […]

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  • Materials

    What are thermoplastics, and what makes them so useful?

    It’s a question that our experts get asked by our customers here at Excelsior, and it’s hardly surprising why! Many […]

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  • Roto Moulding

    Why choose rotomoulding to make bespoke plastic products

    Making a bespoke or prototype plastic product can be a daunting task at times, and it can be especially tough […]

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  • How To Find The Best Plastic Manufacturing Supplier

    Let’s be honest – there’s no shortage of plastic manufacturers to choose from here in the UK. If you’re on […]

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  • Heavy Duty Steps

    Core advantages of our plastic safety steps

    Here at Excelsior we’re known not only for the fantastic quality of the bespoke products we can provide using our […]

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