120 years of Excelsior

September 13, 2022


We’re proud to say we’re celebrating 120 years in business here at Excelsior! It’s been a long old journey, and we’re extremely pleased to look back (and reflect on everything that) we’ve achieved throughout the years. We’re very proud of our history, and like to shout about our achievements in rotomoulding while waving the flag for British manufacturing! In that same spirit, here’s a look back at a few of the highlights from our long and illustrious history.

Breaking the mould

The company was first established by a couple of Swedish gentlemen back in 1896, as the Excelsior Fibre Company (which was incorporated on the 21st October 1902) . Around the same time as this, John and Abraham Fielding were just starting out on their journey into the coal merchants business. By 1905, both Excelsior and the Fielding family companies were incorporated under the new Companies Act – the two businesses were yet to cross paths at this point, but they would soon enough…

Expanding the name

Sadly, old John Fielding passed away in 1913 while his son Abraham was in the middle of expanding the business by buying small companies to improve its outreach. Abraham passed away shortly after the start of World War 2, leaving the business to his 21 year-old son Kenneth, who was fighting in the war at the time. Kenneth took charge of the business upon his return from the war in 1946, and it was he who went on to buy Excelsior and bring it into the Fielding family fold.

Competing with the big boys

Post-war industrialisation was dominated by vulcanised fibre spinning cans and trucks. These were predominantly made of metal, as plastic was a fairly new material at this time. However, as time went on, plastic became an ever more viable option for businesses, and could be moulded through rotational moulding, making it suitable for small runs.

In response to the increasing rise of plastic, Excelsior bought the assets of a small East Lancashire company comprising of one moulding machine and six tools. This was a huge gamble at the time, but one that paid off in spades. The company grew from a £400,000 turnover business to £2 million in the space of a couple of years, and supplied roto moulding solutions to a variety of prestigious clients, including avionics cases for British Airways.

Through to the modern day

During the1980s, Excelsior went international with its services, securing a deal with a Copenhagen based percussion retailer and working alongside many leading English and Worldwide Cricket teams to provide them with their carry cases. This brought fantastic exposure on the back pages of every National newspaper!

In 1997, we bought a new factory in on Deal St, Bury to help manage the scale of demand for our products. The business is now owned and run, by Giles and Jonny Fielding, with Giles’ wife Karen also working in the business.

It’s safe to say it’s been a heck of a 120 years! We’ve achieved a lot during our time, building our business on our hallmarks of high-quality products, competitive prices and professional, friendly customer service. It has been an extremely a rewarding journey, and one we hope to continue for many years yet. Here’s to the future!

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