Celebrating our rich heritage at Excelsior

June 14, 2024

Image of historic Excelsior logo

We have recently reintroduced our historic logo from the early part of the 1900’s as we felt it was time to celebrate our heritage properly by exploring and sharing some of the magnificent history of our family business.

Established in 1896, we have a rich and interesting backstory which we are very proud of, and which we would like to share over the coming months. In an era when we constantly get told that British manufacturing is in decline, or just gets forgotten about, we are flying the flag for British Manufacturing.

Uncovering treasures from the past

We recently came across this fantastic trolley for sale and had to purchase it to add to our collection of historic company memorabilia. We were stunned at the condition of this almost 80-year-old product, which has clearly stood the test of time very well. Products just aren’t made like this anymore and it is the best example that we’ve seen. One aspect that really stood out was the detail of our original logo which was really well defined and has enabled us to reproduce it in various formats.

This bin would have been manufactured around 1930-1940 and would most likely have been used for moving cloth and cotton around mills. Many of our products at that time were designed for that specific purpose and were widely used in mills throughout the North of England.

An original bin that would have been used to manoeuvre cotton around a factory floor, celebrating our rich heritage at Excelsior
An original Excelsior bin that would have been used to manoeuvre cotton around a factory floor.

The logo shows the industrial landscape of Bury with a cotton mill worker and one of our earliest cotton spinning cans – many fine examples of which can still be seen to this very day at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire. The Mill uses our cans for demonstrations and they swear by them. For their age they look fantastic and the old saying “they don’t build them like that anymore” is very true in this case.

Close up of the excelsior logo with intricate details and showing a cotton can with a mill worker
A close up of the Excelsior logo which details an urban background with mountains and a woman in the forefront with a cotton spinning can.

We are proud that our company and our products have stood the test of time, and as we move through this year we are looking forward to ongoing growth and improvements as we open our newly extended storage building and commission our new 3 arm shuttle moulding machine which will add significantly to our production capacity.

We are excited to share more stories with you as we delve into our history as part of our heritage celebrations.