Excelsior keeps it in-house

Excelsior Roto Moulding Ltd is the first to admit that customers have a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing a roto moulding partner.

However not many roto moulders can claim to be able to almost entirely undertake jobs internally, and therefore to offer customers the same levels of precision and cost-efficiency.

Excelsior offers an in-house sheet steel tooling facility. Rare within the industry, this department facilitates the creation of tools bespoke to individual jobs, freeing contracts from the restrictions associated with standard tooling, and enabling the manufacture of output that meets exactly the customer’s criteria.

The company also boasts its own CAD department, allowing it to work with customers to develop their initial concepts into valid designs, then translating these into 3-D models.

The in-house provision of these facilities enables Excelsior to closely and efficiently manage projects from concept to production, and facilitates low lead-times and cost-effective output.

The benefits that customers reap from Excelsior’s in-house provision are such that the firm is determined to maintain and build its internal offer, reviewing all aspects of the design and manufacture process on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that its clients continue to get the best possible result.