How we’re adapting to meet record demand for British-made products

July 28, 2021

The last 18 months have posed a huge raft of tough new challenges for British manufacturing, from the continuous on-off restrictions, through horrendous raw material costs and the sense of general uncertainty throughout the Country. However, despite all of that, the sector as a whole has continued to perform miraculously well.

It’s certainly been a very busy time for us at Excelsior. As businesses continue to adapt to new developments and new challenges, we’ve seen a very welcome uplift in demand for British-made products, with more customers than ever looking to source from the UK and invest in new projects. (In our opinion, it really is about time that this happened. Too many companies have sent production to China and too many people see this as the best and cheapest option, when there are usually great options here in the UK.)

Over the last 18 months we’ve seen record demand for our materials handling products, our equestrian products and our contract moulded products, all topped off with welcome layers of snow – resulting in an excellent Winter for grit bin sales!

To meet this skyrocketing customer demand, we’ve implemented additional and permanent weekend shifts, to ensure that we can continue to meet our stringent lead times and maintain our high standards of quality and customer service.


We’ve also been making several proactive investments within the business, the first of which is our new flatbed moulding machine. Manufactured by our Sister Company Crossfield Excalibur, it has immediately increased our capacity, enabling us to expand our operations in light of several new and exciting accounts that have come on-board recently.

Furthermore, we’re also investing in our team, and are very pleased to say that we have recruited a vastly experienced electrical engineer who is already bringing huge benefits to the team.

With his in-house expertise and experience, we’re no longer reliant on external electrical contractors, which enables us to keep machine downtime to an absolute minimum. (Considering the growing pressure on customer lead times, the timing has never been better!)

Another new addition to our team is joining us imminently – we’re about to employ a Production Assistant to work alongside our Operations Manager, assisting him in the day to day running of the Production department.

Despite the huge challenges still currently facing UK businesses, the future is looking very positive for us. There is clear demand for investment in new products and markets and we feel very privileged to have such a hardworking and dedicated team, whose efforts have played an instrumental role in helping us come through the last 18 months pretty much unscathed.

Finally, we would also like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of our fantastic customers, who have been immensely supportive and helpful throughout this turbulent period. The relationship that we have with our customers is what matters the most; your support has been invaluable to us as a business, and we intend to continue delivering the outstanding level of product quality and customer service that we know you’ve come to expect.