Introducing Stackaletti, the new product by Classic Showjumps!

May 11, 2022

horse jump

Classic Showjumps, the hugely successful equestrian arm of Excelsior Roto Moulding, has recently launched a brand new product to the equestrian trade: the Stackaletti.


Stackaletti is a brand new, stackable cavaletti block that’s being sold exclusively through a large network of trade outlets throughout the UK and Europe – it’s available in a full range of 12 colours to choose from, with each order shipped in a specially designed carton containing six products. Each Stackaletti carton also contains a special QR code that links to exclusive pole work exercises. (All are designed by Equipole, the Polework App.)

The Stackeletti’s design allows multiple blocks to be stacked on top of one another, giving riders the option to slide poles through multiple stacked blocks to create a fence. That enables riders to increase the difficulty of jumps in a controlled, gradual manner, making it even easier to build their horse’s confidence in a way that’s reliable, safe and effective.

(You can see the Stackaletti in action in this Classic Showjumps video!)

Stackaletti box

In addition to this, Stackaletti blocks also share all the same key uses of traditional cavaletti blocks, in that they can be used for raising poles off the ground at several heights, which can be varied depending on the confidence of the horse and the skill and experience of the rider. That means they can be used to create small jumps, raisers, or simply used as ground markers.

The use of raised poles is a great introduction to jumping for beginners looking to gain confidence, and it’s useful for building core strength as well as general fitness – whether on the lunge, long reining or under rider.

Karen Fielding, the Marketing Manager at Classic Showjumps, said: “Once the Stackaletti design was complete, we had some 3D printed prototypes produced. From those prototypes, we were able to approve the stacking feature design and collect some vital customer feedback, which I’m pleased to say was excellent! After some minor tweaks we ordered the tooling from Maus Mould in Germany, and now have four tools in continuous production due to the success of the product launch.”

If you’d like to know more, you can find out by visiting the product page at Classic Showjumps:

Alternatively, you can always give our experts a call right here at Excelsior, on 0161 765 2010, and we’ll be happy to provide you with some answers. We’re here to help!