What Makes Food Grade Plastic Different?

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In day-to-day life, most of us aren’t that discerning about the different types of plastic in our lives, much the same as we’re not that discerning about the different types of metal or wood. But, just like these other materials, there’s a whole lot of variation between the different types of plastic, which means the […]

What Is The Plastics Industry Doing About Waste?

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Plastic is a diverse, versatile and famously durable material – all of which makes it fantastically useful for manufacturing, but it’s this same durability which can cause it to be a problem for the environment if disposed of improperly. Like many in the plastics industry, here at Excelsior we’re often asked what we’re doing about […]

A Brief History Of The Rotomoulding Process

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Did you know: it was likely the Ancient Egyptians that invented roto-moulding? We did! We’re casting our eyes back to the past again in this week’s blog, one of the latest looking at the history of the tools, materials and processes used by Excelsior. This time around, we’re taking a detailed look at how the […]

A Short Plastic History

As you can imagine, we consider ourselves pretty big fans of plastic here at Excelsior, and off the top of our heads we could list you a whole heap of advantages in producing plastic products through our roto-moulding process. With our last blog post having given you a bit of a short history about ourselves, […]

How One Family Transformed The Excelsior Brand

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We’ve got a long history of plastic manufacturing behind us here at Excelsior. But before we were creating plastic products for our clients using our roto-moulding process, we were supplying mills with fibre products in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. This week on the blog, we’re taking a quick look back over that journey!

4 Surprising Ways Plastic Protects Us

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In all likelihood, unless you’re in some of the furthest reaches of the wilderness, you’re never too far from a plastic product. It’s common knowledge about how pervasive it is nowadays (here at Excelsior, our favoured method of creating plastic products is via our very own roto moulding process), but what you might not know […]

Material Concerns: What Is Recycle Black?

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Because plastic has to be so carefully managed here in the UK, here at Excelsior we try and save as much as we can rather than let it go to waste. That’s why we offer ‘Recycle Black’ as one of our four materials. Essentially, it’s the offcuts from our plastic processes, and we’re able to […]

The Advantages Of Plastic For The Education Industry

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Plastic is a truly amazing material, and its inherent versatility means it holds a huge range of benefits for a broad array of industries. One such industry is the educational sector, and at Excelsior we have several customers in this field who regularly enjoy the advantages from our rotomoulded plastic products. This week on the […]

Why Is Product Durability Important?

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No matter the product in question, durability is always a key concern. As just a single aspect of the product manufacturing process, it has a surprisingly wide reaching set of implications. This includes not just the practical advantages it offers, but also the economical and environmental benefits it provides too. So, this week on the […]

The Machinery We Use To Make Your Plastic Products A Reality

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We take great pride in our manufacturing process here at Excelsior – but none of it would be possible without careful attention to the condition and performance of our machinery on the shop floor. We’ve recently spent quite a bit on refurbishment of some of our key pieces of equipment, which we think makes it […]