• A Short Plastic History

    As you can imagine, we consider ourselves pretty big fans of plastic here at Excelsior, and off the top of […]

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  • how one family transformed the excelsior band feature image

    How One Family Transformed The Excelsior Brand

    We’ve got a long history of plastic manufacturing behind us here at Excelsior. But before we were creating plastic products […]

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  • 4 surprising ways plastic protects us feature image

    4 Surprising Ways Plastic Protects Us

    In all likelihood, unless you’re in some of the furthest reaches of the wilderness, you’re never too far from a […]

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  • material concerns what is recycle black feature image

    Material Concerns: What Is Recycle Black?

    Because plastic has to be so carefully managed here in the UK, here at Excelsior we try and save as […]

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  • the advantages of plastic for the education industry feature image

    The Advantages Of Plastic For The Education Industry

    Plastic is a truly amazing material, and its inherent versatility means it holds a huge range of benefits for a […]

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  • why is product durability important feature image

    Why Is Product Durability Important?

    No matter the product in question, durability is always a key concern. As just a single aspect of the product […]

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  • the machinery we use to make your plastic products a reality feature image

    The Machinery We Use To Make Your Plastic Products A Reality

    We take great pride in our manufacturing process here at Excelsior – but none of it would be possible without […]

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  • how to get started on your plastic product idea feature image

    How To Get Started On Manufacturing Your Plastic Product Idea

    We’re not shy about saying that we’re pretty good at what we do here at Excelsior. But before we’re able […]

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  • how do we ensure quality at excelsior feature image

    How Do We Ensure Quality At Excelsior?

    After well over half a century in business, at Excelsior we think it’s fair to say we know a thing […]

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  • major ways in which plastic has improved our world feature image

    Major Ways In Which Plastic Has Improved Our World

    Plastic has improved our world in an impressive number of ways. For the last few decades it’s been steadily replacing […]

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  • why do we use food grade polyethylene in plastics manufacturing feature image

    Why Do We Use Food-grade Polyethylene In Plastics Manufacturing?

    At Excelsior, we’re staffed by an expert team of engineers who are adept at manufacturing plastic products for a number of […]

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  • the power of european plastics manufacturing feature image

    The Power Of European Plastics Manufacturing

    In recent weeks we’ve taken some quite extensive looks at the state of the British plastics industry. (In short it’s […]

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