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Plastic Manufacturing Leaders - Excelsior are leading manufacturers of plastic products. let us help you bring your own plastic product manufacturing ideas to life.

At Excelsior you can count on our plastic manufacturing expertise to help make your plastic products a reality. With 100 years of history to our name, our rotomoulding experience allows us to create plastic products for clients across a wide range of sectors, including (but not limited to) agricultural, educational, and sporting and leisure.

Like several other forms of plastic manufacturing, rotomoulded products are created using thermoplastics, which can be melted and reformed multiple times without losing any strength and integrity. This allows expert plastic manufacturers like us to create an almost limitless range of shapes from thermoplastics, providing almost endless possibilities for your product. In short, if you can imagine it, we can create it for you.

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Rotomoulding in the plastic manufacturing process

Rotomoulding is a form of plastic manufacturing that involves solid thermoplastic pellets being placed inside a hollow mould, which is rotated steadily while being gradually heated. The centrifugal force causes the pellets to melt, disperse and stick to the inside walls of the mould. Once it’s cooled, the result is a hollow, virtually seam-free shape with a consistently even wall thickness. Roto moulding is perfect for creating containers such as grit bins, materials handling products and safety steps, all of which are in our standard range of products.

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Benefits of rotational moulding for plastic manufacturing

Unlike products manufactured using blow moulded or injection moulded processes, with rotomoulding there are no ‘stress points’ that is, parts of the product which are especially liable to break under physical pressure. Rotomoulding also allows for particularly distinctive shapes and other complex geometries to be made in a single, seamless piece, rather than built from several individually manufactured components. The roto-moulding process also means that different surface textures are possible, which opens up even further design potential for your plastic product ideas.

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Our story started over 100 years ago...

Based at a 44,000 sq foot site in Bury, Lancs, we are a family owned and run company with 35 staff in total. We have an excellent team of people with a great blend of experience, technical knowledge, drive and enthusiasm.

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Our Principles

We’ve built our business and reputation around some key principles:

  • High Quality Products
  • CompetitIve Prices
  • Customer Service
  • Improve And Evolve
  • Invest In Our Staff

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