Why Excelsior

It is always difficult to decide which moulder to work with. There are plenty of reputable moulders in the UK who will appear in Google searches, so what makes us stand out? To a degree it is subjective, however we aim to do things a little differently to most moulders and this starts with the fact that we have always been family owned and run, all the way back to 1897 in fact! We like to make the process enjoyable yet professional, we believe that people buy from people so the relationship between supplier and customer is very important to us.

We have recently invested in a brand new, state of the art, bespoke computer system which gives us an amazing amount of data at our fingertips. Not only does it allow us to see what stage each product that we manufacture is at on the shop floor via our barcode system, it offers significant time savings with entering, planning and despatching customer orders.

The production planning system that we have used for many years now is fully computerised, and we have recently added new, larger tablets at each machine workstation. Not only is the system great for our employees to use, but customers love seeing it in action too and it really helps with the smooth running of the shop floor and Company as a whole.

This investment is all part of our drive to continually improve what we do. We strive to invest in our staff, plant and machinery and although we may not have the fanciest building we firmly believe that it’s about the quality of what happens inside these four walls and the quality of product that leaves the building that is really important to our customers.

Our Principles

We’ve built our business and reputation around some key principles:

  • High Quality Products
  • CompetitIve Prices
  • Customer Service
  • Improve And Evolve
  • Invest In Our Staff

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