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Straight Sided Bins


Our straight sided bins are ideal for storing and transporting ingredients and waste.

  • Manufactured using tough, food grade polyethylene
  • 3 bins to choose from with capacities ranging from 110 litres to 230 litres
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Metal dollies available for extra support
  • Loose fitting lids available
  • Full range of 12 colours available for easy colour coding
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Technical Data Sizes shown are in (MM)

CodeExternal Dims at top (lwh)Internal Dims at top (lwh)Capacity (ltr)Weight (kg)Wall ThicknessOptional Loose
Fitting Lid Code
Stock ColourTemp RangeMaterialFood Approved
RH0103540 x 655490 x 6451104.5c. 5mmRL0080N/A-20 to +47 degrees celsiusMedium Density PolyethyleneYes
RH0105535 x 905470 x 8951606.8c. 5mmRL0005N/A-20 to +47 degrees celsiusMedium Density PolyethyleneYes
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