Plastic Stacking Bins For Food & Ingredients

Stacking Bin RH0005

Our range of stacking storage bins is ideal for storing and transporting ingredients in bakeries and other food-related environments. The moulded rim means they fit tightly when stacked and are available in a range of colours for colour coding purposes.

  • Four sizes of stacking bin available with capacity range of 20 – 70 Litres
  • Any combination of the four bins will stack neatly and securely
  • Two styles of lid available – loose fitting and clip on
  • Wide lip for ease of lifting
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Accompanying dolly with 75mm castors fits all four bins and can be supplied with stainless steel housings
  • Full range of colours available

Technical Data:

  • RH0001               435W x 180H     20 Litre
  • RH0003               435W x 315H     35 Litre
  • RH0005               435W x 420H     50 Litre
  • RH0007               435W x 650H     70 Litre
  • OCM001 Dolly   375 load bearing