Plastic Tapered Bins For Food & Ingredients

tapered bins

Our tapered bins are ideal for storing and transporting ingredients and waste. Because the bins nest, transport is more cost-effective and storage of empty bins very economical.

  • Range of seven available
  • Capacity range of 20 to 215 Litres
  • Fully nestable – tapered sides allow for space-saving storage
  • Loose fitting lids available for all
  • Steel supporting dollies available for all
  • Bins can be supplied with galvanised handles to assist with lifting

Technical Data:

  • RG0001     350W x 390H     20 Litre
  • RG0003     460W x 520H     45 Litre
  • RG0005     510W x 585H     65 Litre
  • RG0007     570W x 615H     85 Litre
  • RG0012     490W x 625H     95 Litre
  • RG0101     575W x 650H     110 Litre
  • RG0201     700W x 890H   215 Litre